About us

In the company Cerjak d.o.o. we are specialized in the production of hydraulic blocks. We assure our customers of holistic solutions. In addition to the mechanical treatment itself, the company has the technology of thermal cleaning by TEM and cleaning of products according to TEM using the CNp method.

The company Cerjak d.o.o. is a family business founded in 1979. The company is now run by the third generation. Together with professional co-workers we represent a professional and competent team of employees.

In the company Cerjak d.o.o. we have been providing mechanically high-quality processing of items according to customer specifications since 1998. We started with machining in the automotive industry. We have manufactured car engine parts, various supports and turbine housings. In 2004 we also focused on the aerospace industry. In 2007 we expanded the existing industries with renewable resources (wind turbines). In recent years we have expanded the range further, growing intensively together with our partners in the production of hydraulic blocks ,which has become our key activity.

The company has a strong technological development department. With long-term experience and expertise we offer our customers a quality high-quality service. We ensure the satisfaction of our customers with a personal approach, flexibility and competitive delivery times. This is why we can successfully maintain and nurture long-term partnerships. Also in the future we intend to maintain a high level of quality and knowledge and expand the scope of business on the basis of a long-term partnership.

Our advantages that enable us to take on challenges, include:

  • Flexibility - We adapt to the requirements to meet the expectations of our customers.
  • Innovation - We offer new solutions for special requirements.
  • Agility - We implement the best solutions as fast as possible.
  • Partnership - Our customers are our top priority.
  • Own development, production and production of high-precision clamping devices.
  • Use of the latest technologies to offer the best solutions.
  • Reliable and proactive suppliers, who take into account the needs of customers and ours, when looking for the best solution.
  • Continuous investment and development.
  • Successful collaboration with educational institutions.

All important processes and procedures are carried out in our company. This is also one of the reasons why we are the first choice for demanding customers.

We would be glad to involve also your company!