TEM Thermal deburring in the production process

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Before Thermal deburring After Thermal deburring

The focus is on deburring complex milled products with internal intersections of boreholes, e.g. in hydraulic-pneumatic blocks. With this treatment hard-to-reach areas within the products are reached, regardless of the size of the hole or the shape.

The TEM process, with its thermal deburring or thermal cleaning is a process for removing sharp edges and sediments that are caused by the mechanichal processing in the production process by milling and drilling. The product is put into a chamber into which a gas-oxygen mixture is injected under pressure. The mixture then explodes with the help of a spark. This releases a high temperature at which sharp edges and sediments burn.

Advantages TEM deburring:

  • High process reliability and quality of deburring
  • Repetition accuracy
  • Cost efficiency

Machine equipment: EXTRUDE HONE TEMP P-350

Parts made of aluminum, GGG and steel are suitable.

Max dimension of the parts: : Ø300 x 300 mm,

Extrude Hone TEMP p-350

Cleaning the products according to TEM: Normally the oxide layer on the parts must be cleaned according to TEM. At the company Cerjak d.o.o this is done by the use of a Power Jet device with CNp technology (Cyclic Nucleation Process)

Cleaning with CNp technology after thermal deburring

In the production process the company Cerjak d.o.o. uses the Power Jet system with CNp technology (Cyclic Nucleation Process), which ensures a very high level of product purity. We can guarantee the purity of products according to the standard: ISO 16 232


  • Cleaning of the producs with extremely efficient CNp
  • Reproducable quality
  • A more efficient process with energy and resource saving
CNp by LPW The patented CNp technology (Cyclic Nucleation process) greatly enhances the cleaning effect in deep holes, hard-to-reach passages and blind holes, which are difficult to access effectively
CNp washing technology ensures uncompromising cleanliness of your components. CNp ultrazvok

LPW Power Jet 670 T3 CNp TEM is a device that meets the requirements for high quality cleaning. The new system enables efficient cleaning of small, medium and large batches of products.

Materials : aluminium , GGG, steel.

Max.dimension of the parts: 670 x 480 x 300 mm

Depending on buyers' requirements, several different cleaning methods can be combined, such as: CNp cleaning, immersion, spraying, rinsing, corrosion protection, and drying.

The company offers a thermal deburring process in combination with cleaning. We guarantee process reliability and a reproducible quality for your workpiece.